Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our New Place

It's moving day!

Well, we've finally downsized! My daughter's are roommates and now have an apartment of their own. Yeah!!! So, my husband and I moved a week ago. I'm actually feeling a little guilty that I'm not suffering from a severe case of empty nest syndrome. Instead, I've been smiling nonstop for days. I'm telling you the truth, I couldn't wipe this smile off of my face if you paid me...LoL. I know... I know... shame on me. Anyway, to help the girl's out, we gave them our sofa, loveseat, dining room table and chairs which means that my husband and I will have two empty rooms for a litte while... at least until we're able to afford to buy new furniture. I'm really looking forward to a fresh start though and I'm excited because I have so many ideas.

We only live about 10 minutes from our old place and we'll actually still do our grocery shopping there since other than a little country store nearby that stocks a few odds and ends, there isn't a larger grocery store anywhere in the area. Now, I will say... our apartment is small. Really, it's only about half the size of our last place, but there are soooo many things that we love about it. For starters, we both love the fact that it's brand spanking new, which is one of the reasons we wanted it so bad in the first place. The apartments have been around for about six years now, but lucky for us, they decided to expand, so our building was just built less than a month ago. My husband and I have always lived in older apartment buildings... always... so this is a pleasant first. As a matter of fact, as soon as I saw it, I could honestly see us living there. And since we weren't about to let it slip through our fingers, we put in our application and deposit right away. Check it out, here's the front of our new home.

We picked the apartment on the top floor, mainly because of the deck, which is my favorite feature. It was snowing when I took the pictures out back, so forgive the quality. It's super small, but once the weather gets warmer, it'll be just cozy enough for the two of us to sit out there with a book and a cold glass of iced tea.

I took the cushions off the chairs due to the weather, but I'll put them back on this spring.

My husband however is totally in love with the breakfast bar, so much so that he doesn't even see the need to buy another dining room set. (To be honest, I'm not sure if one would fit in the space anyway.. LoL)

So yes, our apartment is compact, but it's open, airy and the perfect size for us. Yeah!