Thursday, June 20, 2013

Which one do I choose?

One of the most challenging things about decorating our new apartment is the size. Not to mention, we have a rather unusual floor plan. I mean take a good look at the space, the breakfast bar just about sits in the midle of the room.

It took me long enough to get some money together, but I've finally managed to save a few pennies. Now if anyone out there is actually following this blog, you know that the living room has been empty for some time now. It's the main area of the house and the first room that people see when they come up the stairs. So I'm on the hunt for a new sofa and I can't wait to finally make my first big purchase.

I'm not sure what it is about white sofas, but I know that, that is the color I want. A light color should be safe now that my children are grown, so it's not like I have to worry about spills. When people do come to visit, they can just eat meals at the breakfast bar... no problemo. The only thing that does make me question wether or not picking white is a good idea is thinking of how things might be down the road when I have grand children. Little ones tend to make big messes, bless their hearts. I know... I've been there. Not to mention, I plan to get a dog in the near future. I don't know, I might be crazy, but I'm going to be brave and go for it. It's what I really, really want.

So, I know that I want a more modern look, but not something that's too out there.


Down through the years, I've always leaned towards a more traditional style, but I also don't want a couch that's too old fashioned. As much as I love the look of leather, I prefer a sofa that's covered in fabric. To me, it's comfortable and cozy enough to beckon people towards it with open arms. Also, I don't want a ton of pillows. Just 2, maybe even 3, but more than that and I start feeling like it's overkill and that they're just in the way.

I love that 'nail head' look. It's just something sooooo chic and elegant about it. I know that whatever I choose some portion of it has to be covered in nail head.

Also, I want a sofa that's elegantly shaped and not bright white, but maybe a cream or off white.

I'm going shopping soon so wish me luck.