Friday, August 23, 2013

Shelf dilemma

Hello again, I went to Target the other day and priced some shelves. I found a 5 shelf book case unit for only $32.99. I couldn't believe it. I was originally going to buy a better looking shelf for $129.99, (also at Target), but with money always being an issue, I decided there was no way I was passing up a bargain.

Of course it wasn't anywhere near as nice as some of the other ones that were more than triple the price, but hey I didn't have to have fancy. I just needed to get all the books and stuff that I have off the floor.

Now, I will say that the backing on my bookshelf is flimsy and doesn't look at all like the backing in the picture on the box. This is what it looked like once my husband put it together. See what I mean about the back of it. The trifold wrinkles in it are just soooooo obvious.

It's okay though, I can definitely work with it and once the shelves are filled, noone will ever notice it anyway. Okay, so I'm one of those people that are constantly moving things around on the shelves this way and that until I can find just the right placement for everything. As a matter of fact, when I was in the process of figuring the placement out, my husband walked by me shaking his head more than a few times. What he doesn't understand is... This Takes Time! You can't just throw it all on the shelf within 10 minutes and call it a day. There is an art to placing items on the shelf and believe me, I put a lot of time and effort into finding just the right look for each of these shelves. In my opinion, it shows.

Don't mind that pile of stuff beside the shelf. It's mostly my dvd's and cd's. Yeah, sadly my collection is that small, but I'm working on it. For the time being, that will be their temporary home, at least until I get my media center. Hopefully that's coming soon, maybe even within the next month or two. So, here's another picture of the shelf.

I'm still working on it, though. Pretty soon, I plan to stash the magazines on the bottom shelf in pretty baskets. That will give that lower shelf a more organized and neater look.