Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Styling a coffee table

Well, I spent the better part of my weekend surfing the net and getting sooooo inspired. I'm beyond excited because of all the ideas I'm getting on styling my new coffee table. See, I think some people tend to overlook the importance of the coffee table, but it is important because once people sit down to relax on the couch, the coffee table is usually the very next thing that's noticed in the room.
Coffee table styling
I'm also learning that styling my coffee table is just as challenging as decorating anything else in my house. At first, I thought it would be like a walk in the park, but I'm realizing that the right placement can make or break a room. I'm also reminding myself that just like the rest of my apartment, I'll need to take my time because I want to have the right accessories.
Coffee Table decor
And speaking of accessories, in searching that perfect arrangement, how do you decide just which objects to place on the table? What works and what doesn't? Thankfully, with so much inspiration to help me, I think I've got a much better idea of what I'm going to do. For starters, since I am an avid reader, I love the idea of displaying books. Books aren't just for reading, but they can act as art, objects, and décor. Besides, anytime I can show off my growing book collection, I'm a happy camper.

...And adding nature into the mix by including fresh cut flowers or a plant breathes life into the room. You can't possibly go wrong there.

How to decorate a coffee table

A candy dish or a small plate of cookies is an awesome idea, too. I think guests dropping by will appreciate little treats that they can nibble on during a good conversation or a movie.
Coffee table #styling #decor
I am soooo loving the art of topping a book off with a magnifying glass... and not just any magnifying glass, but one that's chic and perhaps a bit unique. It makes the arrangement so much more stylish.

another thing i love to do is rearrange my coffee tables in the house!

I mean c'mon... how cool is that?
Magnifying glass. Candle. Books
Although I'm still debating on whether or not I'm going to do this or not, you can't possibly go wrong with something quirky. The right piece can be a great conversation starter and it's also a way to bring more of your personality into your space. Remember, personal touches are key to piling on the charm.


Anyway, at my place, so far I only have my table and the empty tray, but my plan is to have it filled with nice finds... hopefully by the end of the week.

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 Enjoy the rest of your day.