Sunday, January 19, 2014

Living rooms I adore

Hi, I hope you enjoyed the weekend. It went a little too fast for me. Today, I've been drooling over some very nice home decor pics. I loved some of these rooms soooo much, I just had to share. I really hope it inspires some of you that are looking for ideas, like me. For instance, this room reminds me that I could use a little glam in my space.
Hollywood Regency

living room love
Beautiful Drama

And I love everything about this room... the color, the gallery wall, the bookshelves... ooh lala.

The simplicity of this room pulls me in and I like how the blue horse just pops right out at you.

Yowza! Check out that fireplace.

Well, I have a diy project that I'm about to work on. I'll be sharing the results soon so hopefully it'll turn out. I guess we'll see. Until then... 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

So far... so good

Happy New Year! My goodness, the new year is in full swing and I'm already planning new projects like a mad woman. Whew! Also if anyone is reading this blog for the first time, here's where I left off. My husband and I moved into our new apartment one year ago. We ended up giving my daughters all of our furniture to help them out, so basically we had to start from scratch. Since we first moved in, I've been making purchases here and there, whenever my tight budget allows it. Two of those recent purchases was a bench that I'm using as a coffee table...

and a green tray that I placed on top... (although in this picture it looks more yellow).


Okay, so I felt like I was off to a great start. Now, my next goal was styling it to make the coffee table stand out. After spending time visiting different blogs and Pinterest, here's what I came up with. Considering the size of the tray, I wanted to keep it simple. That way, there would still be room for me or my guests to sit a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea on it. With that in mind, I narrowed what I would use down to five things.

For starters, I have to mention that I have a fierce love for books. Next to LMN, (the Lifetime Movie Network), reading is one of my favorite ways to unwind at the end of my work day. So, I just had to choose a small stack of books that I enjoyed reading.

(FYI... I've been wanting Tori Spelling's book ever since it first came out, but at the time, I couldn't afford to buy it at $20.99. A couple of months ago, I found it at Ollies for $3.99. That's 1/5th of the original price. I just loooove a bargain. Dark Echo was only $1.00 at the Dollar store. I picked up Coffee and Kung Fu for 50 cents at the library. Maya Angelou's book was the only one I paid full price for many years ago at a bookstore, but I simply couldn't pass having it in my collection.) Check out the book at the top of the stack, Dark Echo. I was trying to create a little visual interest by placing the magnifying glass over her eye.

By the way, I found that magnifying glass at TJ Maxx for $8.99, which is number two on my list. Every time I see a magnifying glass placed over books, it just seems to pull the look together. That added touch is like the cherry on top of an ice-cream sundae.

Natural elements... See, I really love flowers, so fresh cut flowers was a must have. I didn't need a full bouquet, so the lady at the grocery store where I shop only charged me $2.00 for this little arrangement since these flowers were on their last leg... or petal. Anyway, that was fine by me. I'm one of those people who often says, don't wait until I'm dead to bring me flowers. Bring me flowers while I'm still breathing and fully able to enjoy them.

Oh and I found this cute little dish at TJ Maxx.

The marbly... (I could be wrong, but I think that's a word)... the marbly look really caught my eye. One of my daughter's gave me a big bag of pistachios so I knew exactly what I would fill it with. Besides, I figure the nuts wouldn't go as fast as a bowl full of chocolate.

And finally... a scented candle. Candlelight adds ambience.

So... that's it. The only thing that I might change is the size of the candle. That small candle is getting kind of lost on the tray with everything around it. I think a bigger candle would look better and stand out more. Other than that, I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

So, until my next project... which won't be too far off. Have a great day!