Thursday, January 28, 2016


Counting Sheep

Last night, I didn't get much sleep at all. I tossed and turned then counted sheep for a while, but when that didn't work, I just laid there listening to my hubby snore. After being wide awake for some time, I decided to give up on returning to dreamland and climbed out of bed. Days like this, I need an easy recipe to prepare for dinner tonight and tuna casserole fits the bill.

My husband loves when I bake this. What I love is that it's fast, easy and I can actually make this meal for less than $7.00. There are even plenty of leftovers for the next day.


3 cups of cooked elbow macaroni
2 6 oz. cans of tuna (drained)
1 cup of cheddar cheese
1 can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 cup of frozen peas (thawed)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Cook macaroni in the boiling water stirring occasionally until tender, about 7 to 8 minutes. Drain then rinse with cold water.

Pour macaroni into a casserole dish. Add both cans of tuna, the soup and peas. Stir until mixed well then sprinkle an even layer of  cheese over the top.

Bake uncovered in the oven for 30 minutes and ...Voila! Dinner is ready. It's that easy. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Hey wake upppp... have a gr8 gr8 day beautiful... did u chk the papers... ((((((((())))))))):

Monday, January 11, 2016

10 Random Things About Me

Good Morning! U: Good Morning! U
Today, I thought it’d be nice to do a post that would help you to get to know me better. I love learning a little more about the ladies behind my favorite blogs, so I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy reading these little facts about me, too, So, here we go...
My Guilty Pleasure is Chocolate chip cookies. I will take chocolate chip cookies any day over cake, pie, candy and ice-cream, (although I enjoy those desserts, too).

I can juggle fruit. I can't do more than three oranges or apples at a time, but I can do it.
Cooking is my therapy. I love turning on some good, relaxing music or watching something interesting on TV while I put together a favorite recipe. It relaxes me to chop, stir, and listen to it sizzle in the pan. It's even more fun when I put it all on a pretty plate for my family and friends to enjoy it. By the way, you can find the recipe for this creamy tortellini and spinach soup... Here.

If I were a crayon in a crayon box, I would be Navy Blue. I think it's such a pretty color. You know, I read somewhere that the color blue is sincere, reserved and quiet. It seeks peace and tranquility above everything else promoting both physical and mental relaxation., It reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order... interesting!

I know the lyrics to about a thousand Songs from the 1970's, including songs from TV commercials and television shows. Some of you may remember this one.


When I see Anything Funny like this, I'll think about it hours or days later and at the oddest times just when everybody else around me is very quiet. People always look at me and wonder what in the world I'm laughing at.

I can't resist going straight to the comic section when I read the Sunday newspaper. What can I say, I'm one of those people that prefers to hear the good news before the bad.

This might sound crazy, but I'm Terrified Of Losing My Memory. Haven't you ever heard of those people that slam their head too hard and the next thing you know, it's like... who am I? Where do I live? I mean, can you imagine your brain being wiped clean and forgetting absolutely everything you've ever known and forgetting everyone you love, including your children... your parents? It's such a scary thought. 
I only paint my toenails, never my fingernails. I always admire the look of painted fingernails, but on me, they start chipping way too fast. I'm always washing my hands or they're in dishwater when I'm washing dishes or something. Unlike my toenails, polishing my finger nails just never last on me.
My name is Dee and I'm a bookoholic... it's true. I love books and the library has always been one of my favorite places to spend time, even as a small child. I can remember walking home some Saturday's with an armful of books that I just couldn't wait to get home to read. There's just something so completely awesome about being surrounded by millions of books. They're all alphabetized and stacked nice and neat on the shelves. They're like potato chips and I can never have just one. I always end up going back after two weeks to get extra time on the books that I haven't finished reading. Of course, while I'm there, I end up checking out at least one more. I have avoided the kindle like the plague because for me, it takes away the joy of actually stepping into a library, interacting with the friendly librarians who know me all to well and other people I might bump into, (even if it's a smile and a simple hello) and searching for that perfect book to get lost in.
Well, that's about it. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week... :)